Dear Mr./Ms.

China Events Industry Fair has been held for 3 sessions in 3 years. With a 30% growth rate, it displays area increased step by step from 10 thousand square meters, to 20 thousand square meters, and then to 30 thousand square meters. At present, it has become the largest exhibition of events (MICE) industry worldwide. After getting the professional certification of UFI, it can be recognized as the best symbol of the Convention and Exhibition powers for China. This exhibition covers the whole industry chain of convention and MICE industry, which include the tourist destination city, venues, event’s organizer, hotels, conference centres, the hosting company, incentive tour, events equipment, education and training. It has the clear interact between upstream and downstream industries as well as the correct exhibition areas delineate. Especially, the style of "Exhibition + activities” and the integration of related activities, is the reason why this event becomes the root of "Convention and exhibition industry Carnival".

The fourth China Event Industry Fair is scheduled to be held in Shanghai on 10th-11th August 2018. The exhibition area will reach 50 thousand square meters. The connotation and extension of the exhibition will be deeper and broader. Then, the exhibition will continue to develop in both events and MICE tourism Industry. Besides, the exhibition will be motivated by conducting online and offline marketing strategies, find breakthrough and extension in the international and domestic market as well as some innovations on event planning and operation, to achieve international, professional, market-oriented, brand new heights and high levels. We will take our responsibility to build the world's most influential exhibition award professional platform.

In this regard, we sincerely invite you and your organization to actively participate in the exhibition industry to promote the branding, trade and specialization of the exhibition industry. Developing the project cooperation, trading, the expansion of conference and Exhibition capacity, and also promoting industry cooperation and prosperity.

Kind regards.

Organization Committee of China Events (MICE) Industry Fair

China Exhibition Economy Research Association

September 1, 2017